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Cheik, 29 years old, lives with his mother, brother, wife and son sharing the same house in Saint Louis Senegal. He is a trained welder, and found a job as a security guard at the university. But after an accident in which he got injured, he stays home with no incomes. He spends his days at home with Salou his best friend. Salou was a bit luckier. From times to times he helps his father who is a taxi driver. They earn a little bit more. But a few years back, he decided to live to Europe, and after a lonely and traumatizing experience in Granada, he came back.

When the father died, he left behind a ruined family. The mother keeps on with strength besides her age, but the kids are grown ups now and their ambitions are getting stronger. The actual situation also brings despondency and it is hard to conceive a brighter future. Unemployment is hight, work is badly paid and the prospects are limited. Despite this difficulties, they decided to stay in Senegal, and build a future.


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