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Aisha and N'di. After a laboratory analyst career and a trip to India, Aisha decided to live in Senegal. She met N'di (or Alboury) while she was being a volunteer teacher at the PUSE foundation. They have now a 3 months old daugther, called Mam Diala after Celim Touba's mother, Mourrides' prophet. Alboury is Baye Fall a branch of this religion. That is why they live in N'di's marrabout's house, in Saly, the most touristic region of Senegal.

Aisha had to get use to Africa. Even if she feels good here as a Senegalese, it is not easy every day. N'di is a coffee Touba seller, and has his shop in front of the house. Business is not as good as it should. That is why, now they have a kid, they decided to try to live in Cordoba in Spain. But they are still facing several problems. Get papers for Alboury, leading with unemployment, life in Europe is not easy ether.

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